Civic and federal facilities provide a bridge between government and the public.

From highly secure workplaces to vibrant centers of community engagement, government buildings should not only serve but also enhance their communities. Our teams have decades of experience designing and revitalizing government buildings including office buildings, libraries, ports of entry, transit and transportation hubs, and historically significant buildings.

Our approach is driven by a passion to create built environments that respond to the unique needs of our client, the region, and the specific site. We seek fresh insight to create inspirational, technology-forward work environments and secure office structures for such clients as the FBI and the General Services Administration. We envision libraries that function as beautiful community gathering spaces and centers of discovery within a changing format of needs, materials, and processes.

Key touchstones of our design process

Mission and culture. Each built environment should reflect the commitment to mission, culture of the agency, and substance of the people who work there.

Visitor experience. These spaces are of and for the people; environments must balance visitor access with necessary security requirements.

Public funding. Perception of value is enhanced by efficient use of funds, design flexibility for future needs, showcase of local resources, and contribution to the community.

Technology. A high-performing space seamlessly incorporates new technologies with an eye toward flexibility for future innovations as well as keeping information, materials, and people secure with appropriate infrastructure and processes.

Beauty. Efficiency does not preclude beauty. Use of regional materials, abundant natural light, and savvy landscape design can create inspiring environments.

Government Market Sector Leader, Mia Blanchett, AIA, LEED AP

Meet our National Government team

Our Government expertise includes:

Civic pride

Government buildings are sources of our civic pride. They represent community, culture, local resources, economic prosperity, and vision for the future. Our interdisciplinary teams offer their expertise and insight-driven design process in collaboration with clients to create lasting impact for communities.