A company’s workplace needs to be a physical manifestation of its brand, culture, and vision—a strategic asset for the organization.

Environments that take these elements into account can propel productivity, enhance recruiting, and create extraordinary places to work.

Our nationally recognized corporate practice partners with a range of companies—from quick turnaround projects within existing buildings, to multi-floor projects in urban towers, to completely new construction of large corporate campuses. Our portfolio includes a wide range of interior and new construction projects, some reaching more than one million square feet.

We work with nimble start-ups to Fortune 10 leaders, to strategize, design, move, and change their workplaces. We value developing and maintaining client relationships, some for decades, to help companies adapt their workplaces as their capabilities and needs change. We are proud to collaborate with corporations around the world, creating workplaces that foster collaboration and innovation.

Our work process is highly interactive. We invite our clients to engage in the design process, knowing that the best outcomes result when decision makers are well-informed, active participants. We establish goals early for clear and consistent communication, budget, and design vision. The diversity of our team members’ experiences and specialties creates a synergy that results in remarkable partnerships with our clients and extraordinary solutions.

Corporate Market Sector Leader, Winfield Roney, AIA, LEED AP

Meet our National Corporate team

Integrated Process

Our team works closely in concert with all team members involved to ensure that our clients remain at the center of the design process.

Business Focus

We recognize that architectural projects must be managed to create high-value, high-performing workplaces that maximize investment now and into the future.

Trends and Change Leadership

The nature of work, culture, and technology is rapidly evolving. Our workplace design experts stay abreast of current trends and outcomes, and balance those with our understanding of the unique needs of the people who inhabit the spaces we design. This maximizes people’s satisfaction and productivity while helping our clients lead the transition into new environments.

Research and Benchmarking

We deliver smarter design solutions, increased value, faster design decisions, and lower risk with the use of benchmarking data and ongoing human-centered design research.