Healthcare organizations are being challenged to think differently about how they deliver care and create a competitive advantage.

The advent and acceptance of evidence-based medicine and outcomes-based reimbursement incentives has created a growing expectation for healthcare design firms to provide innovative, proven solutions to meet their needs. HGA works with leading academic, community, and rural health organizations to ensure the design, delivery, and operation of their facilities support their strategy and mission.

We see the bigger picture. As an interdisciplinary firm working in multiple vertical markets, we see processes, services, and products in other industries advancing faster than healthcare to meet human needs through increased access, lower cost, and improved quality. Quality in healthcare design requires the ability to meet the Triple Aim of improved human experience, clinical outcomes, and operational efficiency. When facility environments deliver on all three facets provided at the lowest point of cost, healthcare organizations achieve the ultimate value proposition.

We start by listening.

We first develop a deep understanding of the diverse needs of patients, families, and caregivers, then create unique design features and specifications that meet those needs within the established budget. In this way, we continue to innovate and improve, because while basic human needs may never change, they are influenced by the world around us that is in a constant state of change.

Our process has been developed over years of continuous learning and refinement. Based on principles of design thinking, we use ethnographic and evidence-based research, data science, lean methodologies, and rapid prototyping to develop unique insight to not just deliver, but transform the state of-the-art in healthcare planning and design. The application of this unique set of inputs sets HGA apart: we collaborate with clients to translate discovery into knowledge, and transform ideas into beautiful, highly functional places that facilitate productive work, promote healthy lifestyles, provide better patient and staff comfort, and reflect their organizational promise.

As client-focused challengers, we make a commitment to our clients, and each other, to work harder and reach higher to make a more enduring impact.

Healthcare Market Sector Leader, Kurt Spiering, FAIA, ACH

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The Vanguard of an Industry

HGA was an industry pioneer in our early integration of Lean Product Development and Integrated Lean Project Delivery. Whether or not a three-party contract is used, our values demand that we apply the same principles, processes, and tools to all of our work. Our extensive experience has taught us that transparency around shared goals, informed by data, lead to high-trust relationships and high-performing teams. We explore all needs, define clear metrics for performance, and encourage collective ownership of ideas to drive thinking in all aspects of the project.

HGA continues to take the lead in the use of technology in the design and construction industry. Our team has advanced the concept of modular and universal design to ensure clients have the greatest flexibility and adaptability for the future. Taking those concepts further, we design buildings that can be increasingly fabricated, not constructed.

Research, benchmarking, and best practices inform our design decisions, but first-person experiences allow us to design from a place of real understanding, and help our clients embrace the future. Our Digital Practice Group has worked alongside research and design leaders to develop a virtual reality platform that drives empathy into design, but also prepares clients for change.