Lighting has the power to enliven architecture, enhance the perception of space, and create dimension inside and out.

Our lighting design team works alongside other design disciplines to create integrated lighting solutions that bring interiors, exteriors and landscapes to life.

We take the time to understand each client’s unique needs, culture and brand as well as goals for the built environment. Multi-disciplinary teams collaborate to develop insight that guides design, often resulting in fresh solutions. Our lighting design experts have extensive experience helping clients achieve a range of environmental goals:

Create presence. When skillfully applied, lighting can highlight architectural form, create dramatic night environments, artistically guide wayfinding and extend security.

Bring comfort. Lighting design can promote wellbeing and healing. We create research-based, integrated solutions that positively affect people.

Reinforce identity. Innovative systems underscore branding, enhance company image for clients, visitors and the public, and create productive work environments.

Promote sustainability. To minimize the impact lighting has on the use of the world’s natural resources, our designers can maximize daylighting potential to create energy-efficient, maintainable lighting systems.


Our services include:

  • Specialty Lighting
  • Daylighting Analysis
  • Custom Luminaires
  • Lighting Controls
  • Computer Modeling
  • Lighting Calculations
  • Maintenance Manuals

Our services

Our design service capabilities include specialty lighting, daylighting analysis, custom luminaires, lighting controls, computer modeling, lighting calculations and maintenance manuals.

Our expertise

From corporate buildings to health care settings to performing arts venues, our expert lighting teams provide more than just light to a space. We help clients create solutions that shine with lasting impact.