Star Tribune

Making The News With A Custom-designed Workplace

The Star Tribune’s relocation to three floors of a downtown multi-tenant office building re-imagines the production of news. A staircase links all three floors at the heart of the office near the “News Hub”—a central command center where instant communication is key and speedy decisions are made. The open workspace promotes collaboration while quiet areas support reporters on deadline. Abundant natural light and views of downtown visually connect the newsroom to the city it serves. The project’s success is measured by how passionately employees have embraced their new workspace—truly changing how the paper comes together every day of the year.


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Building Type



138,000 SF

  • 2016 IES/IIDA Regional Guth Award for Interior Lighting Design
  • 2016 IES/IIDA Section Guth Award for Interior Lighting Design

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