Innovative spaces can themselves be catalysts for scientific and technological advancement.

Our Science & Technology expertise includes cutting-edge technologies, often blending disparate programs to encourage innovation, and developing imaginative solutions that allow our clients to accomplish more than they anticipated.

Scientific discovery and training — whether across institutional disciplines or corporate, departmental boundaries — is becoming increasingly convergent and requires the integration of advanced technologies and thematic platforms. Researchers and scientific educators of diverse fields are driving new opportunities to ideate and collaborate while making new discoveries in the process. Our interdisciplinary Science & Technology teams have programmed and designed sophisticated environments for higher education, corporate, government, and healthcare clients.

It starts with our in-house programming expertise, where we investigate and catalog goals, needs, and priorities. The result of this iterative facilitation process is a set of design criteria which reveal the amount and type of space required, its utilization; critical adjacencies; flexibility, adaptability, and allowances for future growth.

We collaborate with our clients to create buildings that have an impact. We produce a lasting and creative vision derived from consensus among multiple stakeholders engaged and informed throughout the process. We openly invite participation because input allows us to translate expectations into a reality.

A new era of evidence-based design has ushered in projects with verifiable outcomes. We work closely with our clients to carefully account for project impacts related to water, material, and energy. We design to enhance creativity, to support experimentation, to improve occupant experience and wellness, and to reduce our collective impact on the environment. Sustainable design enriches the human experience within, beside, and beyond our Science & Technology environments.

Science & Technology Market Sector Leader, Chris Martin, AIA, LEED AP

Meet our National Science & Technology team

Our Science & Technology expertise includes:

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