Innovative spaces can themselves be catalysts for scientific and technological advancement.

Expertly designed environments for these applications require envisioning the future while meeting current needs for capacity, technology, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

Scientific discovery and training—whether across institutional disciplines or corporate departmental boundaries—is becoming increasingly convergent, and requires the integration of advanced technologies. Researchers and scientific educators of diverse fields are driving new opportunities to ideate and collaborate while making new discoveries in the process.

For almost six decades our multidisciplinary teams have designed research and development laboratories, pilot plants, discovery districts, health and STEM education facilities, containment and clean room environments, animal holding, and other advanced technology facilities for academic, corporate, government, and healthcare clients. Our projects range from 600 square-foot laboratory fit-outs to multi-million square-foot technology campuses.

We are proud to collaborate with clients to create buildings that have lasting impact on their organizations, communities, and society at large.


Our Science & Technology expertise includes:

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Academic STEM & Research

Colleges and universities are transforming the way they teach the breadth of sciences and approach research. Creating engaging environments that encourage collaboration and accelerate learning and discovery is the essence of our approach to designing these facilities. From undergraduate teaching labs to advanced biomedical research facilities, these environments need to cultivate interdisciplinary collaboration, facilitate active applied research, and maximize sustainable design and operations, all while creating a welcoming, safe, and resilient environment.

Medical & Allied Health Education

At this time of immense change in our healthcare system, it is imperative that future healthcare providers have access to the facilities, equipment, and disciplines necessary to train effectively and navigate advances in the industry. Medical and health sciences education is going through a pedagogical transformation, elevated by new practices and resources: interdisciplinary curricula, immersive simulation, expanded clinical skills environments, active learning models, and an influx of emerging technology that emulates real-world care settings. We offer a unique team that understands the future of healthcare delivery and the rapidly changing role of health education.

Industrial Research & Development

Industrial and scientific research requires state-of-the-art laboratories. Our specialists are focused on planning, programming, and designing sensitive and technically complex facilities, and have experience doing so across the globe for manufacturing and production facilities, research and development labs, breweries, test kitchens, pilot plants, and distribution centers. We employ market and technical research to help us anticipate what our clients—and their end-consumers—want and need. Whether it’s information on pharmaceutical discoveries, food and beverage products, or manufactured technology, this data provides important direction for our designs.