Dartmouth College

Thayer / Computer Science Building

The Thayer / Computer Science building will be a new academic interdisciplinary research facility located on the Dartmouth College campus in Hanover, New Hampshire. The project will fulfill an acute space demand for cutting edge engineering and computer science research and teaching in biotech, energy technologies, cyber-security, and other programs contributing to the advancement of knowledge and problem solving in critical fields. The design of the building is organized around interaction and collaboration – to promote the synergies between fields that spark discovery and solutions to global science and engineering challenges. The interior experience will be one of openness and transparency, with glass walls so that work within the labs is visible to fellow researchers, students, and visitors.

The building will consist of 4 stories plus enclosed mechanical penthouse, above 3 floors of below-grade parking for 340 cars. The massing of the building folds gently along the east and west facades for visual interest on the exterior and to create an interplay of dynamic and interactive spaces on the interior – articulated with glass projecting bays.


Hanover, New Hampshire

Building Type

Academic Interdisciplinary Research Building


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