Sustainability, energy efficiency, and cost savings are the trifecta of our energy and infrastructure group.

Carefully designed systems and processes to support all three can have a significant impact on both buildings and campuses. As engineering specialists within a interdisciplinary practice, we have a more holistic understanding of the impact of our work; we are able to integrate our technical solutions with other important elements of a project, from the elements that are critical to quality of healthcare to higher education to corporate campus design. Whether tackling small projects like energy audits or designing significant new facilities, we are industry leaders in optimizing and implementing systems that best fits the current and future needs of our clients.

We deliver reliable, resilient, effective, and sustainable infrastructure systems that are integrated into their environments, enabling our clients to:

Reduce use of energy and resources, decreasing environmental impact and operating costs

Protect financial resources by limiting exposure to energy market volatility

Optimize current physical resources by assessing them for energy efficiency and reliability

Seek LEED® Certification

Our work succeeds because it is always built upon a foundation of insight into the unique needs of each organization. The drive for deep understanding shapes the way we collaborate with each client and deploy the diverse resources within our firm. It’s how we deliver unexpected solutions that deliver added value. Ultimately, it’s the way we create an enduring legacy for our clients and our firm.

From planning to design, commissioning to operations, retro-commissioning to optimization, our energy and infrastructure group is a catalyst for positive change, partnering with clients to secure an efficient, renewable and sustainable future.

Energy & Infrastructure Market Sector Leader, Rick Hombsch, PE, LEED AP
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