GREENBUILD: Designing for Future Climate—From Theory to Application

ProgramDesigning for Future Climate—From Theory to Application

Conference: GREENBUILD International Conference and Expo

Presenter: Ariane Laxo

Location: Chicago

Date: November 15, 2018

Time: 4:30 P.M. – 5:30 P.M.

Global construction practices use historic weather data to size building and infrastructure services, yet most of this data is outdated and may not be appropriate for present use—let alone future use.

However, new design tools present a forward-looking path to access current climate data and project future data.

Ariane Laxo, Interior Designer and Resiliency Expert at HGA, joins industry experts Peter Adams, Senior Policy Advisor at New York City Mayor’s Office of Recovery and Resiliency, and Arfa Aijazi, Building Science PhD Student and Researcher at the University of California Berkeley, in this presentation on strategically planning for resiliency.

Laxo and co-presenters will outline resilient building and infrastructure design strategies, presenting emerging best practices from universities, research institutions, local governments, and architecture/engineering firms. In particular, they will present a case study of New York City’s landmark Climate Resiliency Design Guidelines, which is being for all city capital programs.

Through their detailed presentation, they will:

  • Explain why using historic weather data poses a risk to designers and owners.
  • Highlight the benefits of utilizing projected future data and updated design processes.
  • Identify tools available for climate resilient design.
  • Discuss the role of collaboration in architecture, engineering, and city design.
  • Explore questions posed during development of NYC’s Climate Resiliency Design Guidelines.

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