As a design firm, we have the unique opportunity to leave a positive impact on the world; not only with beautiful, functional buildings, but also with responsible, sustainable development.

Truly sustainable design must first and foremost be centered on the human experience. This is not a question of either/or: either building performance or occupant health and wellbeing; either sustainability or elevated design. Rather, we are embracing AND. Our projects can become beloved parts of our communities, support the health and wellbeing of their inhabitants, and reach the highest levels of building performance.

We are committed to meeting our clients’ goals as well as challenging our industry. This means developing the expertise and research to push beyond net zero energy to net positive energy; from a neutral effect on health, safety, and resources to a positive one. As the need and desire for sustainable environments grow, so does the focus on high-performance buildings with sound data that we can share back with clients and our design teams.

Our decades of sustainable design experience serve our clients on new construction and renovation projects; with LEED, Living Building Challenge, and WELL certification; resilient design planning and implementation; infrastructure optimization; and sustainable partnerships. Our approach is inspired by the unique aspirations of each client, infused with our collective insight, and implemented as part of a holistic vision for a project’s impact.


Our services include:

  • User Experience
  • Net Zero Energy
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Zero Water
  • Zero Waste
  • Holistic Best Life Cycle Value
  • Renewables


We offer a range of professional engineering services aimed at providing building systems that achieve a favorable balance between economics, natural resource consumption and environmental impacts. Involvement early on in a project is central to our success in creating sustainable buildings. We work with the owner and design team to establish "Green Goals" that are maintained throughout the design and construction process.

Mitigating Climate Change

Client concerns are at the center of our process. By approaching each project as unique, we seek to understand the needs and standards for success, and develop solutions that reflect your values. Our approach improves an organization’s understanding of its economic, technical and social objectives, allowing us to help identify opportunities to mitigate emissions that contribute to climate change.