Energy Consulting

HGA is a catalyst for positive change, partnering with clients to secure a resilient, renewable and sustainable future. We work with a range of clients from initial advisory services to design and operation. Our approach gives clients tools and documentation on the advantages, disadvantages and economics of key options to help them make informed and educated decisions. Our expertise includes Central Plant Optimization, Retro-Commissioning, Carbon Master Planning, and Net Zero Energy Consulting.

Central Plant Optimization

HGA’s Predictive Optimization program has been implemented at more than a dozen chiller plants over the past ten years. On average, our clients see central plant annual energy efficiency improvements from 12-50%. We have elevated the science of central plant efficiency to the point of simplifying it. Significant savings can be achieved by operating system components at their most efficient points in relation to each other to maximize system efficiencies. Our customizable solution does not require any expensive upfront hardware costs or any annual subscriptions.


The performance of building systems degrades over time. Often the systems of operational buildings no longer function as intended. Our retro-commissioning services involve rigorous analysis of the building operations, functional testing and analysis, identifying deficiencies and presenting opportunities for substantial operational savings, improved air quality and enhanced occupant comfort.

Carbon Master Planning

A well-designed carbon master plan brings together a set of principles and goals to form a unified solution that is strong and flexible – meeting current needs while envisioning the future. We deliver comprehensive, high-value planning solutions that serve economic, technical and social objectives – enabling our clients to be proactive, instead of reactive, in the long term. Whether it’s reaching carbon neutrality or 100% renewable energy, or simply decreasing your carbon footprint, HGA helps cities, communities and institutions create a positive, lasting impact.

Net Zero Energy Consulting

HGA employs a holistic approach to energy projects. We work closely with clients to help them understand their energy costs and set viable energy goals for the future. We assess the design and operation of current systems, identify opportunities to reduce the use of energy, and deliver forward-thinking energy plans that enable our clients to take cost-effective and strategic action. Our experience allows us to develop creative and viable solutions that align capital investments with long term costs, improve energy efficiency, control operating costs, minimize environmental impact, and enhance productivity by supporting occupant health.