Appleton Airport

Energy Master Planning

HGA’s team was retained to provide energy efficiency and renewable energy planning expertise as part of the Appleton Airport Sustainable Master Plan. The team worked closely with airport committee members to present early ideas and recommendations to achieve the airport’s goal of Net Zero Carbon. The recommended measures are being implemented and the campus is on track to meet its sustainability goals. HGA continues to be closely involved in both the implementation of these measures and monitoring the results.

Early in the process, the conducted an energy usage/ system assessment by capturing historic and current data and reviewing the facilities’ energy usage for the past five years. Next, the team performed a walk-through of existing buildings to determine the longevity of major equipment and assess operating conditions. A final report was issued, addressing energy components of the project and strategies for meeting their energy goals, which was ultimately incorporated into the final Sustainability Master Plan.

The members of the committee that the team interacted with were non-technical, which required us to break down any complex technical items into easy to understand concepts that could be fairly easily understood by the committee. A major component of this effort was visual communication to convey our messages. This was well received by the committee members and resulted in the buy-in and successful delivery of the final Sustainable Master Plan.


Outagamie County, WI

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Airport Sustainable Master Plan


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