HGA delivers reliable, resilient, cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

From concept to implementation, HGA is a catalyst for positive change, partnering with clients to secure a renewable and sustainable future.

Recognized as a leader in resilience planning and practice, our team has developed a process that helps clients forecast risks, including climate hazards, natural disasters, infrastructure failure, and security risks; assess the likelihood, severity, and impact of those risks; and plan for those risks through master plan, design guidelines, or project specific design applications.

Our clients have implemented resilience planning to varying degrees, from comprehensive risk forecasting and assessment to the use of future climate projections to inform project-specific building design.


Our expertise includes:

  • Resilience Risk Assessment
  • Resilience Planning and Implementation
  • Climate Action Planning
  • Group Engagement Process
  • Ongoing Operations Monitoring
  • Renewable Energy and Power Generation
  • Combined Heat and Power Plants
  • Steam, Natural Gas and Electric Distribution
  • Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Sustainability Master Planning

For more information about Resilience Planning, contact Ariane Laxo.

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Forecasting Risks

Planning for resiliency is a multifaceted process that considers building type, business operations, and geographic location. The first step toward a resilient future is forecasting risks to the project site and building operations based on four factors--natural disaster, climate, security, and infrastructure. Learn more >

Assessing Risks

After forecasting risk based on four factors (natural disaster, climate, security, and infrastructure), the next step in resilient design is to assess the likelihood, severity and impact of those risks. Learn more >

Planning for Risks

Once building owners have categorized and prioritized risk through forecasting and assessing, they can then plan and implement resilient strategies that will enable them to function during an extreme event and quickly resume normal operations afterward. Learn more >