MetroHealth Transformation

Ultimate Flexibility

MetroHealth’s in-house Lean team continuously researches new operational processes and delivery methods to address patients’ diverse needs. With HGA, they formed a research-focused team to identify and address best practices to fulfill the health system’s promise to patients: to design a cost-effective, sustainable and patient-focused hospital campus. Through intensive predesign workshops, the team examined innovations in space utilization in order to quickly adapt rooms to new delivery methods and processes—essentially developing a highly flexible, neutral platform—to better serve patients.

In the early stages of HGA’s engagement on this project, MetroHealth requested that HGA undertake a master planning effort to re-imagine the long-term vision for the campus to include a new inpatient hospital and new outpatient facility. The master planning effort included developing a strategy for which services should remain on campus and which would better serve the community by decentralizing off-campus.

The result was a Process Neutral Design approach: introducing a neutral care platform that integrates current and unforeseen processes 50 years into the future. The Process Neutral approach stresses design that utilizes assembled rather than constructed parts—including modular and open plans, prefabricated components, movable walls and demountable systems—to establish a flexible, neutral
platform in which rooms and spaces can quickly be reconfigured depending on patient needs, advances in care and changing programs.

MetroHealth’s new Acute Care Hospital is an essential component of its transformational master plan, which emphasizes research-based care within a landscaped urban setting. The hospital will be connected to the existing Critical Care Pavilion (CCP) via an enclosed overhead walkway.

Entering the building from a west-facing entrance off Scranton Road, visitors will experience a two-level front lobby with a gift shop, dining area, and open space for community performances from local choirs to ballet companies. An “on stage/off stage” concept will be used for traffic flow, with staff and patients and family members using separate elevators.

Through an innovative collaboration, both HGA and MetroHealth’s Process Neutral Design have crafted a design that addresses the hospital’s four core values—Human Experience, Clinical Outcomes, Energy & Environment, and Space Optimization—to elevate its best practices, provide the most technologically advanced and compassionate patient-care experience, and create a cost-effective, sustainable and patient-focused hospital.


Cleveland, Ohio

Building Type

Inpatient Care


800,000 SF

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