Redefining Workplace Podcast

HGA’s podcast series, Redefining Workplace Podcast, explores both the short- and long-term challenges organizations may face as they consider and plan for a safe return to the office. Hosted by HGA Interior Design Principal Melissa Pesci, each episode features short interviews with multidisciplinary experts from across HGA—architects, engineers, interior designers, IT, researchers, and more—who are helping organizations from a wide range of industries plan their next steps. The podcast is an extension of the Redefining Workplace guide.

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Episode 1: Materials that are Mindful of Infection Control

COVID-19 will have a long-term effect on how designers make decisions about specifying finishes and interrupting the disease transmission chain. This may include good hand hygiene, physical barriers, isolation techniques, touchless systems, and cleaning strategies. Our colleagues in the practice of healthcare have always prioritized infection control in their designs and are an invaluable resource to the rest of the design industry as we collectively aim to protect the health of our occupants. Heather Bachman, a Senior Interior Designer and Medical Planner, will help educate our listeners on priorities and the research behind materials selection.

Episode 2: Enhancing Safety with Building Systems

Redefining Workplace podcast episode 2

Within a building, the air and light are two factors that are currently being met with more scrutiny as designers look for ways to slow the spread of airborne, highly contagious disease. At HGA our Corporate-focused engineers are able to work with their Healthcare colleagues to identify the ways in which typical building systems can be modified or supplemented to promote healthier environment for all. Chrysanthi Stockwell, a Senior Lighting Designer, and Kevin Lynn, a Senior Mechanical Designer, discuss the challenges and opportunities that Corporate buildings often present as well as what you can do right now.

Episode 3: Workplace Signage during COVID-19

Redefining Workplace Episode 3 - Blog

Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment is more important now than ever. Using clear, consistent signage based on proven research can support public safety and promote a healthy workplace. It’s also a quick, affordable solution to help instill confidence and comfort for employees and visitors. Perry Stephney, a Senior Project Manager, and Paula Storsteen, a Design Principal, will join us to talk about how they approached a temporary signage solution for our offices and important things to keep in mind.

Episode 4: Workplace Technology Shifts during Crises

Redefining Workplace Podcast Episode 4

As millions of people across the world suddenly shifted to working from home, technology and systems had to adapt overnight. While companies work to understand how the workplace will change as a result of COVID-19, technology will inevitably play a huge role in this transformation. Joining us to talk about new technology emerging during the pandemic are Nik Janik and Remington Barrett, Systems Integration Specialists at HGA, and Director of Technology Services, Brad Kult.

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Episode 5: Emotional Well-Being During the Pandemic

Redefining Workplace podcast episode 5

How might working in a global pandemic impact our productivity, job satisfaction, and overall well-being? Researchers have long associated happiness and well-being with productivity, but how can we foster happiness and well-being in the global workforce in this time of collective trauma? Positive Psychology research – the science of human thriving – can inform us as more workplaces re-open and we begin to create a new normal. Joining us for this episode are Ariane Laxo, Sustainability Director, and Haley Nelson, Sr. Interior Designer.

Episode 6: Reopening the Office

Redefining Workplace podcast episode 6

As our designers strategize with our workplace clients on when and how to reopen their offices, one of the key questions we are asked is, “How is HGA approaching reopening the office?”

In this episode, Reopening the Office, we share how we leverage our research and interdisciplinary skillsets for reopening offices. We also share insights learned from being our own client. Host Melissa Pesci speaks with Sarah Berseth, Office Director of our Minneapolis office and Mechanical Engineer, and Robin Lang, our Director of Human Resources.

More episodes coming soon.

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