Redefining Workplace Podcast: Workplace Signage during COVID-19

The Redefining Workplace podcast brings you Episode 3, Workplace Signage during COVID-19.

Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment is more important now than ever. Using clear, consistent signage based on proven research can support public safety and promote a healthy workplace. It’s also a quick, affordable solution to help instill confidence and comfort for employees and visitors. Perry Stephney, a Senior Project Manager, and Paula Storsteen, a Design Principal, will join us to talk about how they approached a temporary signage solution for our offices and important things to keep in mind.

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HGA’s podcast series, Redefining Workplace, explores both the short- and long-term challenges organizations may face as they consider and plan for a safe return to the office. Hosted by HGA Interior Design Principal Melissa Pesci, each episode features short interviews with multidisciplinary experts from across HGA—architects, engineers, interior designers, IT, researchers, and more—who are helping organizations from a wide range of industries plan their next steps. The podcast is an extension of the Redefining Workplace guide. Find all episodes of the podcast here.