Redefining Workplace Podcast: Insights on the Future of Workplace

The Redefining Workplace podcast brings you Episode 8, Insights on the Future of Workplace.

Redefining Workplace Podcast Episode 8 Insights on the Future of Workplace - Blog

The COVID-19 pandemic has incited a sudden and dramatic social experiment — forcing millions globally to work from home. To understand how this is affecting employees now and how it might redefine the workplace in the future, HGA surveyed over 3,500 professionals across generations, from a wide range of industries, and working in various roles.

Following clues in the qualitative and quantitative data, our team of researchers and workplace strategists formed five core insights into people’s experiences, motivations, and behaviors, and translated them into key considerations for the future workplace.

Kara Freihoefer, Director of Research, and Amin Mojtahedi, Design Strategist, will dig deeper into the results to discuss what we’ve learned and how we believe workplace will transform as a result.

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HGA’s podcast series, Redefining Workplace, explores both the short- and long-term challenges organizations may face as they consider and plan for a safe return to the office. Hosted by HGA Interior Design Principal Melissa Pesci, each episode features short interviews with multidisciplinary experts from across HGA—architects, engineers, interior designers, IT, researchers, and more—who are helping organizations from a wide range of industries plan their next steps. The podcast is an extension of the Redefining Workplace guide. Find all episodes of the podcast here.