2019 Year in Review

Looking back at 2019.

2019 was a great year for HGA. We were joined by exciting new talent, launched new areas of expertise, and completed impactful new projects. It was a year full of exploration and innovation, inspired by award-winning research and inventive approaches to collaboration. Across the board, we uncovered new ways to solve the complex challenges our clients and communities are facing, through design.

Below you’ll find a sampling of our most intriguing content from 2019, according to our readers—from articles showcasing our research to announcements about impactful new projects.

2019 Insights

1. Shaping Work: The Gen Z World

Learn how Generation Z is shaping design and development in this case study that examines five key principles that will help guide decision-making for corporate real estate companies.


2. Research Perspectives: Planning Healthcare Interiors Through Journey Mapping

Journey mapping in healthcare planning can serve as a versatile tool to understand how and what provokes emotions along specific touch points during a visit to a healthcare facility allowing for more comprehensive planning. This case study examines UPMC as an example of healthcare design done right.


3.  A Therapeutic Garden That Helps People Heal

The goal of the therapeutic garden was to improve rehabilitation care for long-term patients with a variety of brain and mobility injuries.


4. Predictive Analytics Is Not Just for Amazon

Big data and predictive analytics are not just for companies like Amazon. Healthcare systems and designers are using computational analysis to solve challenging medical planning and design issues.


5. Downscaled Climate Projections in the United States

The demand for climate projections has been growing worldwide to support all industries in the development of climate adaptation strategies.


2019 Projects

1. Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center – Theater, Dance, and Classroom Building

The completion of our decade long development of the arts buildings at Macalester College was completed this year with the addition of the Theater, Dance, and Classroom Building at the Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center.


2. Lehigh University Health, Science, and Technology Building

The Health, Science, and Technology Building is Lehigh University’s newest, state-of-the-art research facility, slated for completion in 2021. The innovative, flexible, and sustainably-designed facility will support chemistry, biological, and materials sciences among other fields. It will also serve as the administrative home for the new College of Health.


3. Sherman Phoenix

This public market supports entrepreneurship and generates positive economic and social returns in the Sherman Park neighborhood of Milwaukee by transforming vacant property into space where a diverse mix of local small businesses can thrive.


4. Prime Therapeutics

Completed in two phases we designed a flexible 5-story addition to the campus that includes a variety of formal and informal work settings including various types of work spaces. The dining area and adjacent terrace are designed to be used as an alternative informal workplace, featuring wireless access and comfortable furnishings.


5. CentraCare Health – Long Prairie 

When setting out to replace its mid-20th century hospital, CentraCare Health had a single goal—reshape healthcare for the Long Prairie, Minnesota community. Since opening, the building has become a nexus for community activities extending beyond traditional medical care—making it a point of community pride.


We look forward to 2020!