Lehigh University - Health, Science, and Technology Building

Functional Neighborhoods & Flexible Space

The Health, Science, and Technology (HST) Building is Lehigh University’s newest, state-of-the-art research facility, slated for completion in 2021. The innovative, flexible, and sustainably-designed facility will support chemistry, biological, and materials sciences among other fields. It will also serve as the administrative home for the new College of Health.

The HST Building will advance Lehigh University’s academic research endeavors. The primary goals of the building are to encourage an interdisciplinary culture via maximized transparency and accountability; develop functional neighborhoods that create a model of intensity and productivity; engage the campus community by bringing the public into the building; and become the home for the College of Health. Located at the northeastern edge of the campus at the intersection of East Morton and Webster Streets, the building site establishes the HST building as a “gateway” at the corner of Lehigh’s main campus, creating an inviting intersection with the college’s neighbors in the South Side community.

The facility’s five floors will each provide environments that encourage interdisciplinary collaboration between occupants throughout the building. Flexible, open laboratories accommodate immediate expansion & contraction of research groups with minimal disruption. The open lab zones are comprising wet programs for chemistry and chemical engineering; damp labs for life science research; and dry zones for prototyping and fabrication. The lab zones are situated adjacent to the computational research labs within the building’s open office work area.

Faculty offices within the open office area are grouped in clusters, loosely defining boundaries between the open desking zones. The placement of floor openings, with associated communicating stairs and interior gardens, further establishes an identity and distinct sense of place on each level. This energizing layout provides visual and physical connections between occupants within the large open floor plates and neighboring floors.

The Health, Science, and Technology Building offers room to expand Lehigh University’s research endeavors and will help attract and recruit new faculty interested in interdisciplinary efforts during a time of unprecedented growth for the university.


Bethlehem, PA

Building Type

Academic STEM & Research, Learning Spaces


190,000 SF

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