Sherman Phoenix

Social And Economic Returns

This public market provides spaces for more than 29 tenants offering diverse food, health and wellness services, and local retail. The project aims to support entrepreneurship and generate positive economic and social returns in the Sherman Park neighborhood by transforming vacant property into space where a diverse mix of local small businesses can thrive.

Through community meetings, the project team worked with neighbors to determine not only the look and feel of the building, but also what types of tenants would be the best fit, and what types of events and activities they’d like to have in the space. Through this engagement process, the community is given ownership of the project as the key stakeholders.

The project converts a historic bank building from 1928. The tenant spaces are clustered around a central commons area with community tables for dining, gathering. This community space will also serve as a place for a variety of cultural events including classes, film screenings and live music. Local artists will be featured throughout the building in both permanent and rotating exhibits.

The design embraces the raw character of the existing structure, leaving exposed the large steel beams, wood joist and vibrant red terra cotta walls. Covered decades ago, the large skylight above the main commons will be restored to flood the space with natural light.

Central to the success of the community gathering space is abundance of fresh food. The shared commercial kitchen supports numerous vendors with small kiosks. Five vendors have dedicated kitchens to produce food including fresh juice, gourmet popcorn, pizza, and vegan specialties.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Building Type

Mixed Use


28,000 SF

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