Star Tribune: Companies Find Sustainability Pays Off

The Corporate Guide to Sustainable Landscaping uses examples of sustainability initiatives and highlights the business case and how-to guidance for other businesses to make changes.

General Mills World Headquarters exterior 1

This is an excerpt from the Star Tribune.

Minnesota businesses are global leaders on sustainability, innovation, clean energy and clean water. They understand that finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint throughout their supply chains and operations, to address natural resource scarcity and to advance the next frontier of corporate sustainability is critical to their competitiveness. These investments are paying off in numerous ways.

General Mills in Golden Valley, for example, has more than 9,000 square feet of green roofs in Minnesota, which help reduce heating and cooling costs. Additionally, General Mills is also turning part of its land from traditional turf to native prairie grass. Through planting natural habitat, it is promoting biodiversity, helping prevent soil erosion and improving water quality across its campus. With lower maintenance and watering needs, changes to turf grass can pay for itself quickly — the maintenance costs of natural and prairie plantings can be as low as one-tenth the cost of maintaining a traditional lawn.

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