Samuel Oschin Cancer Center at Cedars-Sinai Fosters a Holistic Healing Environment

The Samuel Oschin Cancer Center at Cedars-Sinai opens renovated and expanded cancer treatment center with a focus on connection.

The Samuel Oschin Cancer Center at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, California, provides state-of-the-art medical care, blended with compassion and support for patients as they deal with the challenges presented by their disease.

The Cedars-Sinai nationally-ranked, integrated oncology program is focused on system growth, improving access in communities across Los Angeles and engaging in a broader system of research and clinical trials. With five clinics being built simultaneously, it was time for the flagship cancer center to elevate holistic healing by moving out of the basement of the main hospital and co-locating clinics and infusion services on the 7th floor of the Advanced Sciences Health Pavilion.

“The relocated, remodeled Samuel Oschin Cancer Center at Cedars-Sinai adds 45,000 SF and 53 infusion bays with efficient organizational layout, comforting interiors, and improved patient amenities,” said Sean Collins, Executive Director, Facilities Planning, Design and Construction at Cedars-Sinai. He continued “ The design promotes operational efficiency and improved clinical outcomes through a neighborhood concept.”

In approaching the expansion, HGA interviewed patients, family, and staff to understand their experiences. The client’s patient experience team provided critical insight into the patient journey, helping the team clarify and strengthen distinct moments including reception, waiting, exam, consultation and treatment. The design team worked with oncology leadership to optimize spaces for staff engagement with patients, and clear zones of respite. The operational team (lab, pharmacy, administration, facilities) contributed technical and logistical direction for supporting program areas.

Healing design and the integration of nature became the focus of the design effort. Among the responses, the patients asked for a “cozy, comfortable, and clean” space with soothing colors, natural light, and more privacy. Staff likewise asked for an efficient, low-maintenance space that responds to both patients and staff’s needs to best meet the concerns of their patients.

“By applying unique oncology patient voice of the customer values into planning options, the space promotes a sense of community and well-being for patients and staff with the goal of improved clinical outcomes and an enhanced human experience,” said Jennifer Ries, Senior Medical Planner and Office Director at HGA Los Angeles.

The design is a hospitality-driven space that’s easy to navigate, infused with natural light and filled with soft, comfortable seating and eye-catching art. The interior design supports the neighborhood concept, applying colors and textures of Los Angeles. 360 degrees of windows surround the space providing beautiful views of the hills, the city and the ocean. Textures and tones of the sand and waves at the ocean, warm tones of the hills were emulated in the wood laminate as well as in the fabrics of upholstery which also incorporate the blues of the ocean and often cloud free sky. The planning was deliberate in creating neighborhood environments to create the sense of community for the patients but also to maximize on the light and views deep into the space and visible from most patient and staff areas.

The space features clinical exam areas, scheduling and registration, transportation, social work consults and counseling and nutrition consultations – all a few steps from patient treatment areas. The decreased steps and enhanced wayfinding reduce delays in patient care. The open, connected staff teaming areas enhance patient outcomes by increasing collaboration and extending care team members for total care

Patients are treated by the same nurses during their weeks of therapy, improving familiarity and reducing stress. Operational efficiencies and moving from a basement environment with compromised collaboration spaces to the new light-filled open work areas with multiple options for teaming reduces staff burn-out.

To read the press release issued by Cedars-Sinai or to view a virtual tour, visit Cedars-Sinai.