University of Pittsburgh - Levy Lab

Multi-Function Space for Low Vibration Physics

The Levy Laboratory was part of the NIST funded Mid Campus Complex Renovations. This condensed matter physics laboratory houses two vertically adjacent suites in a midcentury structure known as the Nuclear Physics Laboratory. The laboratories operate through a centrally located control room and a perimeter 500 SF mechanical/pump room provides support.

The 4,650 SF laboratory contains three multi-function spaces serving optical experimentation, atomic force microscopy, and cryomagnetics. Safety curtains separate the function spaces, which use Class-4 LASER safety interlock protocol and maintain clean-class 10,000 (ISO 7 equivalent). The level below contains two acoustic and vibration isolation chambers with large-mass internal plinths on insulation springs. Each chamber achieves a vibration criterion of VC-G to accommodate sensitive equipment and experiments.


Pittsburgh, PA

Building Type

Research Lab, Conference, Break Area


4,650 SF

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