Samir’s career bridges the perceived boundaries between architecture, art, engineering, research, and media. His body of work as an architect taps into, and is shaped by, his multidisciplinary approach to design. He is passionate in his belief that crafting spaces that engage all our senses result in richer, more impactful and poetic environments. He is an advocate for creating sustainable, captivating environments.

Samir’s designs are fueled through the exploration of the arts and sciences at the intersection of traditional disciplines. Understanding the need to create environments that foster interaction and collaboration, Samir elevates the role of social gathering space, large or small, to become key moments in the flow and life of the building.

Samir’s design sensibility is influenced by his broader involvement in the arts and film industry. His artwork and architectural installations have been exhibited globally, and a film for which he served as the Art Director received the Grand Jury Prize at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival.