In 2018, Wilson Architects joined HGA, and in 2020 we completed the integration of the Boston, Massachusetts-based office into HGA. HGA’s Boston office specializes in the science & technology and healthcare markets. Our portfolio demonstrates expertise with a diverse and unique client base and buildings that house complex, cutting-edge technologies.

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Community Action

Our Boston team members contribute time to advancing community and sustainability causes through a variety of activities, like teaching academic studios, leading professional committees, participating in the Boston Society of Architects Emerging Professionals programs, and raising funds for Community Design Resource Center (CDRC) initiatives. We recently had the honor of partnering with WriteBoston’s Teens in Print—an inspiring program positively affecting the lives of young journalists and serving as the voice of young adults in the city of Boston.

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Lisa Hellmuth

Science & Technology
P: 617.366.1810

Suzanne Abbott

P: 617.366.1856

Matt Leslie

Vice President / Office Director
P: 617.366.1802

General Contact Information

374 Congress Street, Suite 400
Boston, MA 02210
P: 617.338.5990
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