Workplace Study: What Matters Most in the Workplace

HGA works closely with clients to develop comprehensive solutions that align with their unique philosophy, culture, and vision. Our workplace design is informed by a variety of data sources, including past projects, academic design research literature, industry trend forecasts, and project specific information.

The following workplace survey is based on a 2015 mixed-method study involving both primary and secondary research methods. The study was designed to better understand two research questions:

  • What are drivers of corporate real estate decisions?
  • What design features are most important to workers?

Based on responses from real estate professionals nationally, the data results highlight three basic themes:

  1. Daylight, technology and thermal comfort are the most important factors in office environments.
  2. Corporate decision-makers and employees (mostly) want the same things.
  3. While square foot/person is decreasing, employees are concerned about having adequate space.

For more information, download the complete whitepaper:

Workplace Study: What Matters Most in the Workplace.