Tips for Improved Work-from-Home Ergonomics

Use these tips from HGA interior designers to improve your work-from-home experience.

Overnight, much of the global workforce has transitioned to working from home due to COVID-19 / Coronavirus. Is your body suddenly aching from working at your kitchen counter, sofa, or bed? Try making a few adjustments to improve your comfort.

Sitting on the floor? Support your knees and back. If your legs are extended, put a cushion or rolled-up blanket under your knees to reduce pressure on your back. Change positions to standing or sitting when you can.

Standing up? Tuck your pelvis to reduce strain on your lower back. Wear shoes with arch support. Elevate your screen so it is as close to eye level as possible.

Feeling achy? Stand up and stretch. If you can, take a conference call on your cell phone and walk while you talk.

Working with two screens? Minimize twisting to view your screens by centering your body between the two screens. If one is your primary screen, center your body on the centerline of that screen.

Using your webcam? Use your laptop camera or a webcam clipped to the top of your primary monitor. Center your body on the camera and minimize twisting your torso.

While our work-from-home arrangements vary widely, we all can take care of our bodies with these small adjustments. From our homes to yours, we wish you more comfortable working environments!

For more information or questions about this piece, contact Ariane Laxo. HGA has created a hub for our insights and reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic as architects, engineers, interior designers, and problem solvers. Follow the conversation here.