The Power of Integration in Healthcare Planning and Design

Combining Lean planning, Evidence-based Design, and Change Management to create better patient and staff outcomes.

The aim of healthcare facility design is to improve operational processes and enhance patient outcomes. To achieve this goal, designers and clients utilize a variety of planning and design tools, such as practice-based design research, design thinking, ethnography, Lean, evidence-based design (EBD), and change management strategies.

Typically, these tools are used independently of each other. But what if multiple approaches and tools were combined? HGA researchers have explored these questions by integrating Lean + evidence-based design + change management methodologies to help transform healthcare design and operations.

The following whitepaper outlines how healthcare organizations have improved measurable outcomes by combining Lean, evidence-based design, and change management tools in the planning process. Two case studies at Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and Campbell County Medical Center in Gillette, Wyoming illustrate the benefits through real-world examples.