University of Wisconsin Health

UW Health hired HGA Madison to analyze energy consumption at their West Clinic, and implement conservation measures that would qualify for Wisconsin utilities’ Focus on Energy incentives. During the retro-commissioning audit, we first identified low-cost changes that would have minimal payback. After scheduling and optimizing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, utility cost savings translated into a simple payback of 0.95 years.

100 percent of the project costs were covered through the retro-commissioning incentives program, allowing for UW Health to immediately benefit from utility cost savings.

Other higher cost measures were identified that would add to UW Health’s utility savings. These improvements were not implemented at the time since they did not fall under the Focus on Energy’s Retro-commissioning program. Suggested improvements included humidifier and lighting equipment upgrades. These changes would allow for proper load matching in non-critical spaces through additional controls and scheduling.



Building Type



119,000 SF

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