University of Nebraska - UNMC College of Nursing and UNL Student Health Center

Shared Resources For Improved Enrollment And Health

The University of Nebraska Medical Center hasn’t had a home on the University of Nebraska campus in 100 years. Residing in a small space in downtown Lincoln, UNMC students have had to share an off-campus, cramped space. Due to lack of space the University of Nebraska has had to turn down applicants and not been able to grow the nursing program. With the state of Nebraska expecting a shortage of nurses in 2020 of up to 4,000 nurses, the university embarked on building a new $35 million facility to meet demand for qualified healthcare professionals.

To help offset costs, the building is shared by the UNMC College of Nursing and University of Nebraska, Lincoln Student Health Center, with programs physically integrated in one structure. Creating this shared space allows the university to educate more students, attract more nursing faculty, and raise the level of nursing education and research. The highlight of the 21st-century space is the “simulation in the round” designed in close collaboration with UNMC College of Nursing faculty, and tapping into the hand-on, practical learning that prepares students for the workplace.

The UNL Student Health Center provides medical, dental, and physical therapy clinic areas, with infrastructure to house contemporary healthcare technology. Nebraska Medicine, UNMC’s primary clinical partner, employs physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other staff for the UNL Student Health Center. Bringing the two programs together enables both institutions to enjoy savings and increase effectiveness in utilities, space and technology, but more importantly, it allows enrollment in the UNMC College of Nursing to double to 300 students while providing access to healthcare for the growing student population.


Lincoln, NE

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Medical Education, Academic STEM & Research, Learning Spaces


107,000 SF

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