Blending Global Branding With A California Feel

Sitecore, a digital consultancy company founded in Denmark, sought to combine their two offices in downtown San Francisco to increase visibility. Recognizing the potential cultural shift combining two offices, we assisted in change management and formed an internal design committee to gather employee feedback on shared design visions.

Although they were growing as part of a global enterprise, they wanted to retain their California origins. The employees wanted something that clearly represented their individual identity but communicated that they are part of a global company. Throughout the space we incorporated overlapping elements such as acrylic panels, felt curtains for visual and noise privacy, and coordinating wall paper and glass graphics that mimic the analytics that Sitecore sends to their clients. The overall effect is a vibrant workplace that is rooted in the local culture yet simultaneously reflects the company’s global brand.


San Francisco, CA

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25,000 SF

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