Connections And Transparency Help Rebrand Firm

Sawmill Private Management used their new office space to rebrand their business from a traditional single-family investment firm into a more open and accessible wealth management company.

Much of the staff, including leadership, chose to trade their private offices for open work spaces. Improved collaboration, spatial efficiency, and shared daylight were all primary considerations in support of this. Remaining private offices were outfitted with glass fronts and no doors in order to strengthen connections to the rest of the office.

The reception area extends past glass-lined conference rooms to the perimeter windows. “Main Street”, as this space is referred to, offers employees and guests a casual forum for collaboration and break out meetings.

Inspired by Sawmill’s historic ties to the lumber industry, we created a contemporary material palette that uses solid wood sparingly as a design accent. Exposed ceilings serve as a backdrop to white acoustic baffles arranged to represent different methods of sawing a tree into dimensional lumber. Custom tables made of heavy timber anchor primary social spaces and speak to the company’s roots.


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Building Type



12,000 SF

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