Strategically Programmed Space Reflects The Natural World

As a software solutions company, SAP sought to culturally align its newest business acquisition with its other offices. A year before our team came on board, the company had signed a lease for three floors of an existing commercial building, assuming the 145,000 SF space was more than adequate for the number of employees it was acquiring.

After meeting with SAP and learning what their needs were for this new office, we quickly realized the amount of space would not be sufficient. Our challenge became to listen carefully to each user group and understand what was essential and how we could make specific modifications to meet their requirements on a fast-track schedule.

Our final design incorporates offices, conference rooms, server/IDF rooms, a 5,000 SF lab, a 50,000 SF academy training facility, break room, and other collaboration areas. Only through a highly engaged process with the SAP team were we were able to strategically incorporate these necessary elements into the very limited amount of space.

The San Ramon landscape drove much of the interior design. Throughout the space, greens, blues, browns, and other natural tones unify the aesthetics while panoramic windows in conference rooms, training rooms, and lounges capture views of the heavily wooded site and South San Ramon Creek. An organic river concept merges into a geometric office space echoing the grid and linear forms of cities that were built along meandering riverfronts. Using abstract carpet patterns and environmental graphics that reflect river and woodland imagery, we created a biophilic theme that flows throughout the workspaces and collaboration areas.

On the third floor, abstracted nature imagery and large windows complement the functional space housing classrooms and training rooms for SAP Academy. On the fourth floor, where hanging lights resemble floating branches, the carpet resembles pebbles on a riverbed and film resembles atmospheric fog. Varied seating options and gathering spaces allow team members to collaborate in groups or work individually. Impromptu corridor seating varies from hanging chaises resembling tree pods, to clustered floor cushions resembling pebbles, and secluded banquettes cocooned in green upholstery, and patterned tree branches.

The San Ramon office has become a magnet for SAP employees throughout the Bay Area. It is also where the company’s top new talent from around the globe gather to explore, become inspired, and ignite their passion.


San Ramon, CA

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145,000 SF

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