Oregon School District

First Net Zero Energy School in Wisconsin

HGA has worked with Oregon School District for the past ten years, providing a variety of energy consulting, commissioning, retro-commissioning and engineering design services–continuing their long history of sustainable construction practices.

In response to a growing student population and capacity challenges, the District is constructing a fourth elementary school, Forest Edge Elementary School, to serve its students and flourishing community. The new two-story, K-6 school will be the first net zero school in Wisconsin. Reflecting this progressive commitment of the District, the school will be an innovative, sustainable building that sets a precedent for schools of the future.

With net zero energy as a driving factor, HGA’s Madison Office was engaged as a net zero energy / net zero carbon expert in order to help to achieve that goal. Our team provided energy consulting, energy modeling, and design services for renewable energy systems. We helped the district establish energy targets early in the design process to make sure efforts aligned with net zero energy “best practices.” The scope includes state-of-the-art energy efficiencies, such as a highly innovative system design for on-site microgrid/battery storage, a 740kW solar PV system, and a geothermal heating/cooling system. HGA is also providing commissioning to confirm the building is constructed to meet the design criteria and achieve the client’s goals for sustainability.

For more information, read a case study of the net-zero energy facility.


Fitchburg, WI

Building Type

Learning Spaces


126,500 SF

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Forest Edge Elementary School

Watch a brief video about the net-zero energy capabilities of the Forest Edge Elementary School, part of the Oregon School District. The facility will be the first net-zero energy school in Wisconsin.