Minimalist Space Maximizes Tech Pioneer's Potential

DocuSign, a Seattle-based digital technology company that provides an electronic platform for signing and managing documents, was experiencing rapid growth within its San Francisco office and needed a larger workplace to better represent its culture and address operational efficiencies.

We worked closely with the DocuSign team to learn about their company culture and client base and identify design goals for their 100,000-SF office area and top floor executive briefing center. Our challenge was to create a new interior workplace that would appeal to two worlds – traditional detailing that reflects DocuSign’s clients’ culture in healthcare, banking, and real estate, and more cutting-edge elements to inspire collaboration and innovation among its software engineers and marketers.

Our solution was a raw industrial environment juxtaposed with more refined elements that seamlessly align with DocuSign’s culture, branding, and achievements as technology pioneers. The highlight is the panoramic view of the San Francisco Bay Bridge and downtown skyline. From the moment visitors enter the front door, they make a direct connection to the outside world with plenty of natural light.

Given that DocuSign develops a paperless product – and paperless practice is the core fabric of its culture – they initially resisted the use of any wood in the new space. But we found a creative way to tell the story of DocuSign without completely eliminating the use of wood. For example, in one of the entry areas is a deconstructed wood wall that shows the concept of the wood being stripped away – a commentary on how DocuSign is transforming and replacing the tradition of paper-based signatures.

The Executive Briefing Center was another important addition to DocuSign’s overall business goals, as they wanted a secure and private place to bring corporate customers to collaborate and address critical business objectives. Finally, the DocuSign café serves as a central place for employees to relax, socialize, and alleviate the shortage of meeting spaces. The flexible space is regularly utilized for meetings or happy hours and provides a sanctuary from the day-to-day routine.

Now spanning seven floors of their building, DocuSign’s workspace is minimalist and simple, with the primary focus on the company’s technology and dramatic backdrop of the bay and city beyond.


San Francisco, CA

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100,000 SF

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