Cornell University - Davis Nanotechnology Lab

Nano-Worthy Basement Upgrade

The condensed matter physics of the Davis Research Laboratory is a $1M, 4,000 SF renovation in the basement of Clark Hall, housing four experimental chambers and three control rooms. Dr. Seamus Davis’ research areas include high temperature superconductivity, topological insulators, heavy fermion superconductivity, quantum fluids, supersolids, and superfluids.

Each chamber utilizes a room-within-a-room design to optimize acoustical and EMI isolation. Vibration is controlled with 20-ton inertia blocks set on passive vibration isolators (pneumatic springs) and each chamber includes a pit for cryogenic experimentation. The vibration, acoustical, and EMI requirements for Dr. Davis’ nanotechnology experiments were met by de-coupling piped services that run between the main structure and the inertia block; utilizing multiple layers of isolators; and the elimination of building services.


Ithaca, NY

Building Type

Research Lab


4,000 SF

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