Bush Foundation, Saint Paul and Minnesota Philanthropy Partners

Maximum Collaboration

The Bush Foundation and The Saint Paul and Minnesota Community Foundations (SPMCF) are Minnesota-based philanthropic organizations that invest in people and groups locally and regionally to create legacy and to solve community problems.

The two organizations chose to create a strategic partnership and co-locate to maximize opportunities for collaboration and achieve synergies and savings in shared services and spaces. When the idea of co-location was first launched, HGA developed the facility space program, assisted the real estate team in evaluating potential properties, conducted tours of similar facilities, and created a visioning document to articulate the foundations’ vision and provide a foundation for interior architecture and design.

The co-located site in downtown St. Paul consists of three floors of the US Bank Plaza building; each foundation has a dedicated floor with a shared floor in between. While each foundation’s workplace is distinct and uniquely branded to their mission, areas such as the boardroom, reception/lobby, and break areas are shared. Select design elements appear on all three levels to unify the space.

The design process was highly interactive—the team developed functional, design, branding, and technology strategies for each organization. Each group selected a non-hierarchical workplace model; however, one is primarily an open plan workspace while the other is comprised primarily of enclosed private offices. These customized solutions suited each individual foundation’s goals for openness and privacy, access to natural light, and acoustics.



St. Paul, MN

Building Type



35,000 SF

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