Border States Electric

Enhancing Connectivity and Collaboration

Border States Electric had staff located in three non-contiguous existing facilities with limited access to both daylight and co-workers. Their business plan anticipated significant future growth, so having a workplace that supported the new flexible, team-focused way of working envisioned by Border States Electric leadership was essential.

HGA led the Border States Electric team through a continuum of workplace collaboration options to determine the optimal balance of private offices, open office areas, enclosed conference rooms, circulation stairs, and open collaboration spaces that would support the leadership team’s vision of enhanced connectivity and solution-oriented thinking.

To enhance Border States Electric’s brand presence in the building, HGA developed an environmental graphics masterplan closely integrated with the interior architecture to allow the brand to be ‘on display’ from the entry, through the variety of day-lit circulations spaces extending into the open office areas to support the creation of ‘neighborhoods.’  In addition, Border States Electric’s current technology in HVAC and lighting controls was showcased throughout the new building in unique, visual displays.

To augment their ability to attract and retain top talent and encourage the company’s focus on wellness, the building program includes a day-lit flexible cafeteria space and training room with easy access to food serving and prep spaces, an outdoor dining patio, and a quarter mile on-site walking trail.