MIT.nano Wins I²SL Go Beyond Award

The nano-research facility combines the Institutes’s nanotechnology, materials, and engineering systems research with the most advanced fabrication tools and materials processing capabilities.

MIT.nano exterior evening

MIT.nano incorporates 60+ energy conservation measures (ECMs) not typically found in cleanroom facilities, including: heat recovery from exhaust; variable volume exhaust and make-up; heat recovery for free reheat from chillers; a low pressure drop Recirculating Air Handling Unit (RAHU) design with 100% filter coverage in cleanroom ceilings; reheat coils in RAHUs to allow low make up air temperature; and demand-controlled RAHU airflow. The cleanroom enclosure and the exterior envelope are extremely air-tight, and the curtainwall system includes enhanced thermal breaks to avoid condensation.

MIT.nano achieves a 50% greenhouse gas emissions reduction compared to the LEED ASHRAE 90.1-2007 baseline. This resulted in the award of all available points (19 in total) under the LEED EAc1 Optimize Energy Performance credit.

MIT.nano interior hallway

About the Award

I²SL Go Beyond Awards is a unique awards program honoring organizations, individuals, products, and projects that are advancing sustainable, high-performance facilities.

Go Beyond Award winners show their commitment to excellence in sustainability in laboratory and other high-technology facility projects by going beyond the facility itself to consider shared resources, infrastructure and services, and neighboring communities, as well as contributing to increased use of energy-efficient and environmentally-sustainable designs, systems, and products.

For more information, visit the 2019 I²SL Go Beyond Award announcement.