Loudoun County Public Library Celebrates Grand Opening of Brambleton Library

Loudoun County Public Library celebrated the Grand Opening of its new Brambleton Library at Brambleton Town Center in Loudoun County, Virginia, December 1.

Designed by HGA and developed by Brambleton Group, LLC, as a cornerstone project for the Town Center, the new library supports life-long learning, creativity, and public gathering for the growing master-planned, mixed-use community of Brambleton outside Washington, D.C.

The 40,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art library occupies the lower two floors of a new four-story office building by HGA that includes a common retail lobby, where library patrons, office employees, and locals can relax and mingle. The library includes dedicated children’s, teens, and adults areas; three meeting rooms for library programs and public use; makerspace with 3D printers, recording studio, and other creative technologies; a video gaming room in the Teen Center; and 10 study rooms.

Taking aesthetic cues from regional historic stone mills and brick commercial-industrial architecture, the library embraces a contemporary vision for the future. Two-story millstone boxes with punched window openings echo the mills, while four-story, red-brown brick and black iron metalwork allude to a flexible commercial industrial space. A playful two-story glass wall composition fronts the plaza, visually highlighting the retail and library teen rooms within the bright and engaging interior.

Nurturi­ng Min­ds

…to build a community by nurturing an environment where: The joy of reading and learning is celebrated; People and ideas flourish; and The Golden Rule is a way of life.”—Louden County Public Library Mission Statement

To support the Loudoun County Public Library mission, interior spaces invite children, teens, and adults to discover learning in new ways.

Comfortable seating encourages diverse users to linger; gathering spaces promote social interaction between neighbors; collaborative environments support conversation, book clubs, and group study. The Children’s area includes playful furniture and cozy nooks for interactive play and reading. Everyone is welcomed in the makerspace, where tinkering, sharing ideas, and experiential learning bring people together.

The library also features enhanced digital and virtual connectivity, with a “laptop bar,” electrical access at every sitting area to support patrons’ device-of-choice, and—as one of the firsts among libraries nationally—Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology to support learning.

Discovery Wall

A colorful, interactive Discovery Wall spanning two floors engages library patrons of all ages. The three-foot-thick, wood-plank wall is reminiscent of historic log buildings and homes found throughout Loudoun County.

Children can walk along the Discovery Wall and interact with technology—seeing, feeling, and reading information. Sturdy wood-frame openings perform multiple tasks, from staff access openings to huddle niche, reading bench, display case, study room portal, and colorful illuminated art pieces. The wall blends into the main wooden staircase, in which deep risers offer casual seating and performance venue.

The wall’s diagonal orientation and associated lighting organize the interior spaces while serving as a visual wayfinding element to passersby as they glimpse into the library from the sidewalk.

For more information, visit Loudoun County Public Library.

I’m delighted this state-of-the-art library will serve this growing community. The greatest gift we can provide the community is free and equal access to a wide variety of resources that make a difference in people's lives.

Chang Liu

Loudoun County Public Library Director