HGA wins Healthcare Design Magazine’s Breaking Through Competition

HGA’s design concept “Farm to Pharm” seeks to transform global health through the development and distribution of medicinal food to promote access, equity, and economic opportunity. 

Farm to Pharm Breaking Through Competition winner

The Healthcare Design Breaking Through conceptual design competition encourages innovation by asking participants to solve challenges anticipated in the future delivery of healthcare without the usual restrictions tied to budget, schedule, and codes.

54 teams submitted initial ideas for review by the jury comprised of industry leaders. Eighteen submissions were selected to move forward to the second round, where ideas were fleshed out in visually rich presentations that covered the challenges identified and solutions proposed in greater detail. The jury next selected four teams to advance to the final stage, including Farm to Pharm.

The final concepts were shared during 10-minute video presentations at HCD 2020 virtual conference in November, where attendees voted for the winner by live polling. HGA was named as the winner of the Breaking Through competition and will receive the $10,000 prize. Jurors praised the project for addressing a complicated set of issues with an impact on a broader set of people and a captivating presentation.

About Farm to Pharm

Farm to Pharm leverages existing scientific advancement to envision food as medicine to reframe traditional notions of healthcare delivery. It further seeks to rethink health investment, food production, and distribution to promote whole person health, health access, food equity and economic opportunity, particularly in struggling rural and urban communities and extreme geographies.

The project’s primary focus is the opportunity created by merging precision pharmaceutical treatment with modified and fortified food. The solution refocuses investment from disease management to prevention and population health through personalized, in-home “Grow Sheets.”

The second focus addresses the numerous challenges of food education, access and distribution that span diverse demographics and geographies. The solution creates economic opportunity in agricultural and biomedical fields, while equalizing access though transportable, modular, food production and health-themed community centers called “Grow Hubs”.

Watch HGA’s Farm to Pharm presentation below.

To learn more about Healthcare Design’s Breakthrough Awards, visit Healthcare Design.