HGA Presents Research from ONEder Grant Workplace Study

Research study shows the role of Design Thinking in rethinking open-plan office for Silicon Valley technology engineers.

ONEder grant - workplace study

HGA researchers and designers won a 2019 ONEder Grant for a multidisciplinary research project that re-examines open plan office for technology engineers. Sponsored by One Workplace, the ONEder Grant acknowledges the significant role architects and designers have in planning the modern workplace.

Prompted by the growth of engineering companies in Silicon Valley, the study reexamined the impact of open-plan office design on software engineers. The research goal was twofold: (a) demonstrating the effectiveness of Design Thinking as a co-creation method for generating tailored solutions: and (b) providing fresh insights into open-plan offices’ two widely discussed topics – privacy and collaboration.

Throughout the study, the research team engaged with a group of engineers from Fortune 500 companies, designers, and facilities department leaders.

ONEder grant logo

To read the full ONEder Grant research study or watch a webinar where we presented the results, visit One Workplace.