Event: HGA Presents Four Research Programs at EDRA 50 Brooklyn

HGA will present four research programs at EDRA50 Brooklyn May 23 – 24, 2019, highlighting the firm’s growing national expertise in practice-based and ethnographic research that informs the design and planning process.

The four programs covering a range of research initiatives include:


Program: Design Thinking and the Research Application Problem

Conference: EDRA50 Brooklyn

Speakers: Susan Foong (HGA), Amin Mojtahedi (HGA), Brian Shermer (Workshop Architects)

Date: May 23, 2019

Time: 8:30 A.M – 8:45 A.M.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Susan Foong and Amin Mojtahedi of HGA join Brian Shermer of Workshop Architects in this presentation of their Whitepaper exploring design thinking and its application to workplace design, highlighted by three case studies.


Program: Designing for Extremes: Using Techno-Ethnography and Immersive Empathy to Shape Inclusive Architecture

Conference: EDRA50 Brooklyn

Speakers: Amin Mojtahedi (HGA), d’Andre Willis (HGA), Bryan Cannon (HGA), Abi Kallushi (HGA)

Date: May 23, 2019

Time: 3:25 P.M. – 3:45 P.M.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

HGA research specialist Amin Mojtahedi presents this research study on the University of Virginia Student Activities Building, which is co-authored with HGA colleagues d’Andre Willis, Bryan Cannon, and Abi Kallushi. The study received a 2019 CORE (Certificate of Research Excellence) recognition from EDRA.


Program: The Impact of Lighting, Noise, and Design on a NICU Environment

Conference: EDRA50 Brooklyn

Speakers: Terri Zborowsky (HGA), Kara Freihoefer (HGA), Rebecca Kleinbaum Sanders (HGA), Jennifer Christmann (UK HealthCare), Andrea Wilkerson (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Date: May 23, 2019

Time: 4:25 P.M. – 4:45 P.M.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

HGA team members Terri Zborowsky, Kara Freihoefer, and Rebecca Kleinbaum Sanders join Jennifer Christmann of UK HealthCare and Andrea Wilkerson of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in this presentation of their research study of the UK HealthCare Kentucky Children’s Hospital NICU, which received a 2019 CORE (Certificate of Research Excellence) recognition from EDRA.


Program: From Virtual Reality to Healthy Workplaces: A Practitioner/Researcher Collaborative

Conference: EDRA50 Brooklyn

Speakers: Melissa Jancourt (HGA), Jonathan Bartling (HGA), Caitlin DeClercq (Columbia University)

Date: May 24, 2019

Time: 2:45 P.M. – 3:30 P.M.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Melissa Jancourt and Jonathan Bartling of HGA join Caitlin DeClercq of the Center for Teaching and Learning at Columbia University in this presentation exploring how virtual reality tools can help Gen Z (the youngest generation now entering workforce) re-envision a healthy and productive workplace.

About EDRA50 Brooklyn

Sponsored by The Environmental Design Research Association, EDRA50 Brooklyn invites international researchers and practitioners to share research, teaching, and best practice in urban planning and design that enhance the relationships between people, the built environments, and natural eco-systems.

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