Dairy Queen Wins Global Experiential Graphic Design Award

Award celebrates International Dairy Queen’s experiential design that “connects people to place.”

Dairy Queen headquarters interior lounge area 2

The International Dairy Queen Corporate Headquarters in Bloomington, Minnesota, has won an Honor Award in the 2020 SEGD Global Design Awards program.

The headquarters was cited for Placemaking and Identity, one of seven categories representing the core of experiential graphic design practice.

“The winning projects have a way of connecting with you,” said Traci Sym, 2020 SEGD Global Design Awards Jury Chair. “As the jurors moved through hundreds of project submissions, you could see when they came across a project that defined excellence. We were all extremely moved by the intention, care, and focus that was taken to bring these projects to life.”

Dairy Queen’s relocated headquarters on the seventh and eighth floors of an existing office building features an open floor plan with new test kitchen, collaborative work spaces, multiple meeting rooms, and a multipurpose room.

The Dairy Queen brand is graphically integrated throughout the interior, creating a vibrant workspace with custom-designed furniture, fixtures, and artwork. Highlights include a S’mores booth resembling a graham cracker with white marshmallow pillows, cake cone ceiling, two-story ice cream cone wall, bold signage and messaging, Dairy Queen’s signature red for accents—and “cool treats” from the Dilly Bar freezer.

Flexible workstations and common spaces support a range of collaborative and heads-down work styles, including such destination spaces as the living room, treadmill room, and energizing work café that encourage impromptu interaction.

About the Award

SEGD (Society for Experiential Graphic Design) is a multidisciplinary, global community of professionals who create experiences that connect people to place. The 2020 SEGD Global Design Awards were chosen from among 340 submissions of experiential graphic design projects around the world.

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