Chiller & Cooling Best Practices: Full Heat Recovery Engagement

In this piece for Chiller & Cooling Best Practices, HGA experts share advice on reducing fuel usage through technology.

University of Virginia chiller plant

Reducing fossil fuel use is key to meeting the dual goal of carbon and energy cost reduction. A Full Heat Recovery Engagement (FHRE) approach can dramatically reduce both, through applying simple principles and using existing technology. Simple measures can help focus the design of both the buildings served and the systems used to achieve these goals.

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About the Authors

Joe Witchger, PE, is a Senior Mechanical Engineer at HGA, where he specializes in high-efficiency central plants, energy management systems, and mechanical systems optimization.

Brendan Huss, PE, WELL AP, is a mechanical engineer at HGA, where he specializes in analysis and design of central boiler and chiller plants and district heating and cooling distribution systems.