Chairity 2020

HGA is partnering with Sossego Design and Callahan + Co. for the Two Furnish Chairity 2020 fundraiser and silent auction.

Each year Two Furnish hosts Chairity 2020, an event to raise funds for nonprofits. This year we are partnering with Sossego Design and Callahan + Co. to raise funds for Family Dog Rescue. The dog rescue is based in San Francisco and has a mission to rescue and rehome dogs to bring people and pets together. To learn more about the charity, visit Family Dog Rescue.

For our entry, Brazilian artist Domingos Totora created this one-of-a-kind modular bench inspired by the ideas of unity, nature, and a passion for sustainability.

Domingos lives and works high in the mountains of Minas Gerais, Brazil. His masterpieces are 100% sustainably sourced from surplus cardboard found in his home village of Maria Da Fé. Using no dyes, his pieces reflect the indigenous variety of the soil colors in his land.

The bench, which we are calling Rocha Orgânica, is a completely unique piece designed to optimize the way we bring people together. The three organic forms are flexible in arrangement and can be used individually or together to create a unique, functional showpiece in any space.

To feature a Domingos piece in your home or place of work makes a powerfully loud, yet silent statement of a sustainable earth and the entirety of the cycle of life. Dimensions of the piece are approximately 100cm x 40cm (39” x 12”).

How to Participate

You can donate by visiting the Chairity Team Donation. You can also bring home this unique piece by entering to win it at the Chairity 2020 Silent Auction. To RSVP, visit Chairity 2020.