University of Nebraska Lincoln

Harper/Schramm/Smith Halls Renovation

Lincoln, Nebraska


Harper, Schramm and Smith Halls are identical buildings constructed in the 1960s. Each is 10 stories, incorporating a first-floor lobby and recreational area, computer lounge, and resident manager's apartment. The upper 27 floors support 28 double-occupancy rooms, the entire complex houses 1,512 students. Although well designed and constructed, Harper, Schramm and Smith Halls did not provide the services that contemporary students require, nor were they ADA or code compatible.

Now renovated, Harper, Schramm and Smith Halls support students with new bathrooms designed to accommodate increased desire for privacy, lounges and kitchens at each floor, laundry facilities and study lounges at each floor, additional conference spaces, as well as upgraded mechanical, electrical and communication systems.  In addition, individual rooms are heated and cooled by extended range heat pumps utilizing geo-thermal wells drilled into the local aquifer, thereby substantially reducing utility costs. First-floor lounge and recreation areas are designed to accommodate games and group functions, as well as provide much-needed vestibules eliminating drafts.