Environmental Graphics

A blend of design disciplines, environmental graphic design helps create a sense of place. This includes visual aspects of wayfinding to help visitors and staff find their way through a building, communicate identity and brand, and shape experiences within a space.

We combine an artful, human-centered focus with a research-based approach to create cohesive, organized, and meaningful places.

International Dairy Queen

The design team viewed the new International Dairy Queen headquarters as an opportunity to tell the story of the IDQ brand through artfully integrated design and brand elements that create a unique experience. These design elements are refined and sophisticated yet maintain a quirky edge, an aesthetic coined by the design team as “sophisti-kitsch”.

Border States Electric

To enhance BSE’s brand presence in the building, we developed an environmental graphics masterplan closely integrated with the interior architecture to allow BSE’s business to be ‘on display’ from the entry experience, through the variety of day-lit circulation spaces, and extending into the open office areas to support the creation of ‘neighborhoods’.


Drawing on concepts of warehouse-style materials, complimented with modern technology and branding, the TractorWorks project strengthens the building’s image and provides the kind of amenities critical to attracting and maintaining tenants.