A well-designed master plan brings together a set of principles and goals into a unified solution that is strong and flexible, meeting current needs while envisioning the future.

Whether we are planning in partnership with medical, corporate or academic clients, we recognize the significant opportunity to create lasting impact for people, organizations and communities.

Our multi-disciplinary teams have experience across the country and across industries. Previous projects have ranged from multi-building campuses to single buildings for healthcare, corporate, government, cultural and higher education. Working closely with clients to understand their unique needs and business goals, we develop fresh insight that informs integrated planning strategies. Our work is successful because we never forget that we are place-making for people.

Our goal is to enable our clients to be proactive, instead of reactive, in the long term. Enduring impact comes from comprehensive, high-value planning solutions that serve the strategic, operational and business needs of our clients.



Our planning expertise includes:

  • Medical Planning
  • Campus Planning
  • Workplace Planning

Medical planning

Health care environments are places of healing and hope, innovation and engagement. Every hospital, clinic and health system also has a unique set of needs, challenges and site requirements. Using Lean and other principles, our interdisciplinary teams examine needs from the system level to the individual department level to help organizations confidently determine how each space should operate and interact. We approach every project seeking to maximize value and eliminate waste through development, design and delivery of solutions unique to each client.

Campus planning

Whether for academic, cultural, corporate or healthcare organizations, campus plans require a systems-thinking point of view. Every campus is comprised of a network of relationships that spring from the built environment. Our master planning teams consider the integrated, campus-wide context of multiple buildings, infrastructure, utilities, programming and community to achieve shared goals. We consider near-term and long-term programming needs to support growth with flexible spaces that adapt to growing business models and occupant needs.

Workplace planning

Every workplace is designed for people. A successful environment allows people to collaborate, reflect and innovate. Our multi-disciplinary teams work to understand each client’s needs, business goals and culture. The result is a strategically designed workplace that maximizes productivity while delivering high employee satisfaction and a sense of wellbeing.