Industrial Engineering

HGA's Industrial Engineering team offers a comprehensive portfolio of services dedicated to helping our clients realize the most efficient use of their resources. Our integrated, multidisciplinary team specializes in work processes, ergonomics, spatial relationships and aesthetic design.

Whether addressing the flow of information through a corporate setting, materials through a factory, books through a library or patients through a healthcare facility, the industrial engineering team employs a blend of proven Lean and user experience methodologies. We work with clients to develop integrated system solutions simply to do more with less.

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Saint Elizabeth Hospital, Heart, Lung & Vascular Center


Affinity Health, Saint Elizabeth Hospital

Heart, Lung & Vascular Center
Children’s National Medical Center, Diagnostic Imaging and Radiology


Children’s National Medical Center

Children's Radiology Engineering Architecture Technology Expansion (CREATE)
Hennepin County Medical Center, R7 MICU and SICU


Hennepin County Medical Center

Hennepin County Medical Center, Whittier Clinic


Hennepin County Medical Center

Whittier Clinic
Kerry Ingredients & Flavours, Innovation and Technical Center

Energy & Infrastructure

Kerry Ingredients & Flavours

Innovation and Technical Center
Northeast Georgia Health System Braelton


Northeast Georgia Health System

Northeast Georgia Medical Center Braselton
Owensboro Health, Owensboro Health Regional Hospital


Owensboro Health

Owensboro Health Regional Hospital
SSM Health Saint Clare Hospital


SSM Health St. Clare Hospital

Master Plan and Replacement Hospital